Mayballine MasterChrome Highlighter… For Dry Skin..?

Image Credit: Yes, I am fully aware that this product has been on the market for a while. I never came around to purchase it, because highlighters are a big no-no for my extreme dry skin. Every time I used a highlighter I was disappointed because it made my skin super flaky. My skin … Continue reading Mayballine MasterChrome Highlighter… For Dry Skin..?

Must-Have Mascaras for 2019

Lash out. As so they say. Since 2019 is here, I figured I write about the one makeup product that literally no one can go without. A makeup look will forever be incomplete without mascara. I stand firm-grounded on that. I gathered up a list of mascaras that are a must-must for this year. Most … Continue reading Must-Have Mascaras for 2019