Mayballine MasterChrome Highlighter… For Dry Skin..?

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Yes, I am fully aware that this product has been on the market for a while. I never came around to purchase it, because highlighters are a big no-no for my extreme dry skin. Every time I used a highlighter I was disappointed because it made my skin super flaky. My skin got more and more dry and itchy, that is why I gave up on highlighters. Oh and not to mention, in this extreme -30 degree weather, highlighters make my skin look tight and tears it up.

My sister told me about this highlighter and told me to test it out. I read and watched multiple reviews on the Mayballine MasterChrome Highlighter and not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed.

But then again, I am easily impressed.

So I went to my local drugstore and picked it up. Low-key pretty surprised with the price. It retails here in Canada for a little over $10 CAD. I bought the shade 100 called Molten Gold

Can we please excuse my alien looking of a hand? It was -42 degrees outside, my hand was freezing but I had to get a picture during golden hour LOL

My Review:

First off, I am not even joking you, the highlighter is BLINDING. Especially in this winter season, when the sun is just too powerful, and hits the highlight, literally not even kidding, the highlight bounces off and can be used as a flash light.

It has a shimmery metallic pigment to it, but also is on the buttery side.

So I have brown skin and this is highlighter is perfect for my skin tone. Molten Gold might not work with pale or light skin. The highlighter is not cakey, nor patchy, does not tighten skin nor does it cause dryness. It surprisingly, does not even show pores. Especially for the winter season, this highlighter makes my skin look dewy and fresh.

Am I impressed? Yes. Will I be wearing this highlighter as a go to? Yes.

Overall my rating of 9.2/10

My dry skin friends out there, do not be hesitant to use this highlighter. I guarantee you this is a good one.

The best way to apply: Prep your face with finishing makeup spray or primer, spray that highlighter brush with the same spray, dig in to the highlighter and brush it on your cheek bones or anywhere else you like to apply highlight

Have you ever tried this highlight? What are some of your favourite highlighters? Let me know down below!

Till next time,

-AHS 🙂


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