I Tried Skincare Dupes, This Was The Result

Okay so tbh, skincare products are very expensive. Personally, I don’t invest in too much skincare products, except for of course, moisturizers. Moisturizers are a must, price doesn’t matter, stay hydrated my friends!

Lately all over Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, I’ve been seeing posts about skincare dupes, and how drugstore products work just as fine as the high-end brand. I wanted to put them to the test. So here is me literally testing these products out to see if they really suffice as a dupe.

Mac Fix+ vs Mario Badescu Setting Spray

Okay this is a big one. I’ve seen so many posts about how Mario Badescu is an outstanding cheap dupe. I needed to put this to the test.

MAC Fix+ retails for $30 CAD and Mario Badescu facial spray at $11 CAD, both at Sephora Canada. Right off the bat, MB facial spray might be a better option if you are new to using makeup and want to play around with things. But on the reals though, these are my two cents:

MAC Fix+:

  • has a WAYYY better nozzle. It has a mist-er. The product sprays efficiently and effectively
  • is better at doing the job of a setting spray (I mean its 30 bucks people, you get what you pay for)
  • is all day wear

Mario Badescu Facial Spray:

  • provides instant hydration on the go
  • re-energizes skin on the spot
  • perfect to spray on when makeup looks dry or cracked up
  • smells ah-mazing (well at least the aloe, rosewater one)
  • can apply when not wearing makeup

When you spend the $30 on MAC Fix+, your spending it on the quality. Definitely worth the price, but that does not mean MB facial spray is trash. They are both unique in their own ways. I personally love the MB aloe facial spray and wear it even if I am not wearing any makeup.

Clinique Moisture Surge vs Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream

Clinique Moisture Surge retails for $47 CAD and Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream is around $20 CAD. There is not a dramatic difference between these products, they could be cousins (not sisters, though)

Clinique Moisture Surge:

  • provides hydration for 72 hrs (but honestly, if you re-apply moisturizer everyday, this shouldn’t make a difference)
  • is fragrance free
  • extreme hydration right when you apply
  • can be used as a makeup primer

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel:

  • has a better packaging than Clinique
  • lasts a very, very long time
  • locks in moisture through out the day
  • for all skin types

I know what dry and dehydrated skin is, trust me. I use the Clinique moisturizer as a go-to. Its just what I stick to. I’ve been using it for a while, and I like it. It is more on the expensive side, so if you are on a budget, Neutrogena Hydro Boost works just as well, and I recommend you buy that one. Its definitely a great dupe.

Tatcha Water Cream vs First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream

Alright, so Tatcha Water Cream is big in the moisturizer industry right now, and most people will not be able to afford it (including me, I bought a sample to play with). It retails for $82 CAD and First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream retails for $42 CAD, both at Sephora Canada.

I read about this dupe on a Twitter thread, and wanted to do research about it, before actually spending the money. This is what I think about the products:

Tatcha Water Cream:

  • Immediately bursts into water when applied to skin, so the skin can absorb the nutrients
  • is oil free
  • comes with a beautiful packaging
  • comes with a cute spatula to measure product you need
  • has a luxury feel to it (its over $80, I mean obviously)

First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream:

  • hydrates skin and makes it juicy
  • has the same texture as Tatcha Water Cream
  • lacks the Japanese nutrients
  • promises hydration
  • smells delicious

When it comes to moisturizers, please use high-end brands. Your skin really needs it, it doesn’t deserve cheap, or drugstore moisturizers. When you buy expensive moisturizers, you are paying for quality, not quantity. Don’t ever stoop low when it comes to moisturizers, especially in these cold winter days. Your skin will thank you in the future. First Aid Beauty Coconut Cream is a great dupe, but then again, its not as high quality as Tatcha Water Cream. I can see why Tatcha Water Cream is so obsessed with in the beauty/skincare industry.

Have you ever tried any of these dupes? Have they worked for you? What is your favourite moisturizer? Make sure to comment down below!

Till next time,

-AHS πŸ™‚


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